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Numerology Forecast for May 2021: Step Out and Stay Smart

By Nam Hari

The number 5 of May represents the themes of change, flexibility, the Earth Element, the physical body, and communication. Five has the reputation of being the “Wild Card” number in the science of Numerology, and we will see Mother Nature kicking up her heels throughout the month. Chaotic weather will be the norm, and in our human experience we will need to adjust and adapt to the evolving planetary climate.

As a collective psyche we are wanting to boldly step forward into new directions, while at the same time needing to heed the present protocol of the steadily easing restrictions.

There is an impulsiveness in the air, a spark of daring coupled with the desire to make up for lost time. “I will not be denied!” could be the underlying theme of this month, as number 5 represents the five senses and our experience of life. Five doesn’t want to hear about it, read about it, or watch the video; 5 wants to dive in—taste it, feel it, consume it, touch it, breathe it in.

Yes, line up the ponies and secure the reins to your wagon of new frontiers, just be sure you’ve got all the right provisions on board. When number 5 flips to the negative polarity it can be off-handed and cavalier. “Hey, I know what I’m doing, so don’t tell me to pack a First Aid kit, I‘m above snake bites and splinters!” Yes, that’s right, until you’re side-lined by something that a pair of tweezers or anti-venom would have fixed.

“A stitch in time saves nine” could be the sub-theme for this month, and you need to develop ‘Intuition over Impulse” as your guiding star of higher thought. Then you cannot be bullied by outside forces, or persuaded by temptations in the environment. Did I say temptation? Yes, I did.

The number 5 embodies the realm of the physical body and the five senses, and whether you’re wearing boot heels or high heels you’re going to want to get out and feel the snap and rhythm of your feet moving freely on the street of high-flying dreams. We all want to kick the containment factor curbside as we reconnect with that elusive sweet-spot of satisfaction. As May allows us to eat, drink, be merry and mingle again, we have a perfect storm for over-indulgence. Get out there and have a good time, just keep your wits about you.

May is the time to recalibrate our internal guidance system with the ever-changing world at large. An excellent meditation to help you is the Meditation to Command the 5 Tattvas. The tattvas are the 5 elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether), and the practice of this meditation is said to give you protection, mental balance, and block the negative energy of others from affecting you.

Our children are going to need a lot of encouragement and support over the coming months, and a really good summertime idea is to create a simple exercise routine for your child. Something in the scope of 30 to 45 minutes, where they are stretching, breathing, walking, and using free weights to build muscle tone.

Participate with your child, and say to them the encouraging words, “Looking good!” or “You’ve got this!” and, “We’re getting better all the time!” This is important for physical health, as well as instilling a sense of personal control when everything has been so out of control for so long.

Children need to develop a spiritual “tap root” of practices that will sustain them through the heavy winds of time and space. You are literally saving your child from addiction and misfortune by practicing with them a lifestyle that builds an energetic bank account of good fortune and self-reliance.

And we have good fortune in the days ahead, as the months of June and July are the best months in 2021 for marriage. This summer overall is a time of expansion and renewal of spirit, a time of increased freedom and movement on the planet. International politics not withstanding, we will be seeing a trend towards global travel and a renewed enjoyment of life.

Glancing back to the present moment of May, there are a few more important points to cover. In the Base calculation we have the number 10, which is composed of double 5’s.

(Base is month of 5 + year of 5 = 10). The number 10 represents the themes of authority, control, the nervous system, and self-respect. Throughout May choose your battles wisely, as this is not the time to lock horns with overly aggressive energies.

This is especially true for any situation involving driving, travel, or even waiting in line at the grocery store. People will be experiencing a hyper-sensitivity to their personal space, and their right to control or dominate that space. When your own subtle awareness gives you the “head’s up/psychic email” to back away slowly from the car or the person ahead of you in line—listen to that!

Extraordinary times require us to adjust and evolve in synchronicity with the times. Most of us have not been through such a sharp learning curve of adjustment as we have experienced over the past year. Yet, we are still alive and have the opportunity to move forward again and create something new through our great spirit.

The number 5 of May declares, “I want to be free again, open the door and let me out!”

Yes, freedoms are unfolding, but also know that you can always be free through your own creativity. Finding a creative outlet has a soothing and uplifting quality to the human psyche.

Ask yourself, “What is it in my heart and Soul that I wish to create if there were no boundaries or limitations?” Take steady incremental steps towards these goals, and reward yourself for each small victory along the way.

Step it up and step on out, stand on a mountaintop and give a mighty shout, believe in your future and have no doubt, we are one in the spirit—and that’s a lot of clout!

May your Destiny Angel guide you towards your path of higher calling, and may the benevolence and blessings of the Saints anoint you with the clarifying vision of your life’s true purpose. Sat Nam.

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