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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: The Art of Relaxation

Excerpts from a lecture given on March 30, 1972 at UCLA in Los Angeles, CA

Topic: The human expansion from his individual self to the universal self through the art of relaxation.

A person who is totally relaxed in every impact of activity and who can maintain the mental status to that state, can be said to be spiritual.

What makes us feel bad in our life is having no knowledge to live as a relaxed being. When you are not relaxed, spirit won't prevail through you. You are uptight, and when you are pretty uptight, you are unable to communicate nor do you understand. So you don't live.

Tonight I would like to explore with you the law of godliness, or higher consciousness, but I would like to take a little different angle on it—the law of relaxation. There is no such thing as Godhead and holy man and all this blah-blah-blah. You might be searching for that here. But the reality is, if you can stay very relaxed under all odd circumstances, you are very, very holy anyway. You are very, very spiritual. You are very fulfilled. You don't get upset.

Once we were to decide a case. "You have the right to speak in your defense, or do you admit the charges?” I said. And the man said a most beautiful thing: "If you acquit me, I am very relaxed. If you punish me, I am very relaxed. Because I am not upset about anything. This whole drama doesn't upset me at all.”

So after all the deliberation we decided the prosecution had failed to make their case, and we let the man go. The most powerful thing in the behavior of that man was that he was totally relaxed. Nothing upset that man. He came and sat down calmly and watched very respectfully, undisturbed, undaunted, uninvolved in the whole game. That is the power of the man.

If we do not know the art of relaxation then we get involved on one side and then the other side, and we get torn apart between the two poles. This is our daily life. You do it because you are very deeply well attached to certain factors and facets of yours.

Your frequency should prove that the whole Universe is yours and you are of the whole Universe. So whatever it is, it is. And that is the power of relaxation. If you can do that, you can get rid of all sickness, all negativity, all misfortune. Because when you belong to the Universe, the Universe belongs to you and there cannot be negativity in your gross physical form or in your mental projection, because the universal spirit must prevail through you—a very relaxed sober person.

But if anybody can make you jump, then you are a monkey. The difference between a man and monkey is that a man has a base, he has a ground, he has a footing. It means he understands his own value.

Life is meant to be relaxed under all circumstances, because your own auric shield, the circumvent force of your magnetic field psyche, is your life protector. If Monday is a hard day, Tuesday is going to be very good day. Wednesday may be a much better day. Thursday may come as the worst day of your life and Friday you may be promoted to the unexpected height of your life which you cannot even understand.

So each day has a message for you and each message has either a promotion or a demotion. And this is how life moves and if you are living, you have to move. Then why are you upset? Why live under a fear complex?

If anything and everything can provoke you, where is your balance? Are you a human being or a yoyo? Just question yourself before acting, “Who am I? What am I going to do? Am I an individual slave to the environment, commotions and emotions and circumstances, or am I an individual who has to make my way. This is the basis on which you can adapt your life.

There is only one way to live. Either you are to play in the hand of circumstances or you have to make the circumstances play in your hand. Life has to be lived on the waves of time, which are up and down, good and bad, healthy and unhealthy, happy and unhappy, holy and unholy—everything has two polarities, but you keep on going. Because your life is not a mystery; you are a created creature. And life and death is not in your control. Why are you upset?

Strength of mind is a strength which is very, very divine and it can free you from any kind of worry.

When something gets stuck in your subconscious mind, you may not even be aware of it and you may be working all the time under the pressure of that. That is why meditation is effective. When you meditate, thoughts come to you. Let those thoughts come.

The active mind becomes still right away when you meditate, but the passive mind becomes active. Unusual thoughts comes to you. Don't get upset over them. Let them pass through. And when they pass through, just sit down and laugh, “Hey, you are gone.” Feel relaxed.

At some time you will find a stage where no thought will be released by the passive mind. And you will enjoy a state of bliss. At that moment, meditate on your physical self and when you get out of that meditation you will be as young as you could think to be. It is a surprising way of self-healing because relaxation can tune you into the power of Infinity and from there you can draw the cosmic energy to live on this Earth as a God.

Whether it is a social thing or a commercial thing or a business thing or anything, if you cannot produce the atmosphere of relaxation, you are working under tension. Tension is a block to you for everything. 

Relaxation can only come to you if you have relaxed yourself. And there are ways to do it. One is to feel you are a part of the Universe, and the Universe is a part of you. You are as beautiful as the Universe is beautiful. Without you, the Universe is not beautiful, nor are you beautiful without it. So feel relaxed.

You can't hassle; don't make it as a pattern in life. Once you get to the pattern to live relaxed, be relaxed, and understand relaxation in your life, the entire environments will deal with you on the same level of consciousness, and life will become as happy as you can think and imagine. Not only will you be good as a human being, but they will call you a very divine person.

You will have a very great image, because you will be in a position as a relaxed person to judge and imagine everything in life with the art of no tension. So even a most tense person will find sanctuary with you and will become relaxed. And that is the highest gift in the capacity as a living being.

The complete lecture can be found at the Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings.

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