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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Manifesting the Infinite

Excerpts from a lecture given on July 30, 1980 in Espanola, New Mexico

Mind and matter, mind and matter, life and matter—matter in the sense of material and mystical manifestation—actually nothing matters and everything is based on one matter or the other.

You call it a material world or you call it a subtle world or astral or spiritual—you can give it a spiritual foundation and whatever you want to do. But basically in reality in your life, it is not the life which decides your destiny, it is the courage. And courage is nothing but commitment. It isn't the life that matters, it is the courage you bring to it, and what is courage? Is courage jumping into the fire? Jumping from the thirty-fourth floor?

Courage is the commitment of righteousness. It is courage when everybody sleeps in the morning and somebody gets up for Sadhana. Why? Why is it courage? Because it is feeding your computer for that day, that's why. Somebody goes to the movies, somebody does this, but somebody else wants to sit down and praise the Lord. That is courage—anything so directly or indirectly done in which the manifestation of the will is towards righteousness.

A sexual relationship is not courage, but marriage is courage. Marriage is not courage, but living through it is courage. Living through a marriage is not courage, but making its environment divine is courage. Making its environment divine is not courage, but being divine is courage. Being divine is not courage, but manifesting the divine is courage. Manifesting the divine is not courage. So something is courage at one stage and at another is not.

The definition of courage and commitment changes with consciousness. All humans are with different levels of consciousness, different levels of ethics, different levels of commitment, different desires, different meditations, different manifestation, different projects. But there is one project which surmounts all projects and that is to serve the holy, to be the holy. That's the infinite law: to serve the holy and be the holy. That will make Mother Nature and the Universe come and serve you.

We can do things out of ego, we can manifest things out of ego, we can desire things out of ego, we can plan things out of ego, but if they don't fit into the master plan they will be end up in tragedies. That is why we suffer. We suffer because we have not developed the intuitive mind and our actions are passionate. Passions cannot carry you unto Infinity. It's a basic human weakness to be impulsive. What do we require to be intuitive? What do we require to be divine? What we require under all the pressures and circumstances of environments and temptations is that we should not lose our grip.

We have found out that without basic commitment there cannot be anything. To take the mental process into the ecstasy of consciousness; taking the ecstasy of consciousness into the manifestation of joy, bliss and happiness; taking the flow of that happiness, joy and bliss into the extended intuitive totality of the self; you require certain characteristic developments. Before you deal with anybody, deal with God first. So God within and without may be corrected. Then remember you have the power, through the sweat of your brow, to make everything wrong, right. That is the toil of the day. Then come happily relaxed in the evening and share.

May the blessing of God, the Guru, and the pure self be in all of us. Through His grace may we be healthy, happy and holy. May His prosperity be around us to celebrate His ecstasy in consciousness and spirit in self. Sat Nam.

©The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan