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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Turning Blocks into Triangles

Excerpts from a lecture given on 11/23/93

This life has only one problem—you can be blocked. A block is always square. If you cut the square diagonally—that's the tantric energy—you will have two triangles. A triangle is a sign of prosperity. A block is an obstacle.

When you are blocked and you start loving a block, then that block becomes your devotee, your deity. It becomes your energy. It becomes your Goddess. It becomes your worship. It becomes your altar and an altar has no alternative. So, you create a block and a block and a block and a block and finally, you create a wall and you don't move.

Breaking the block is loving the self.

The majority of the people are blocked by money. Money is a media. Money is, what money does. Money is not anything in itself. Money can buy goods, services and comforts. That's why people like money. To earn money is very difficult. You earn money. For every ten dollars you earn, you pay four dollars, being a resident of a government, of a state.

Then you have six dollars and you pay two dollars for your protection. You have four dollars left and out of the four dollars, you spend two dollars on your livelihood and you spend two dollars for your environments. That's how ten dollars has been divided, and it happens to everybody; you are not the only one.

People do not understand that life is a very direct challenge. If you do not stimulate yourself to the optimum point, you will be three fourths dead. If you keep on worshiping your blocks, you will be so badly blocked by your blocks, that you will never be in a position to move. These are the realities; this is our life. We have to make this life successful.

You have to walk on your own feet and you have to walk tall.  Humans learn to crawl and then walk. All men, women and children are children of God. They have to learn that their neurotic blocks have to be broken in two, to become triangles, and this challenge belongs to all of us. We cannot afford to be limited. We cannot afford to be negative—you cannot have the luxury of a negative thought because it will multiply in you and hurt you badly.

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