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Celebrating Healthy Happy Holy Day

On January 5th, 3HO celebrates its birthday. 

Yogi Bhajan brought the secret science of Kundalini Yoga to the West. He foresaw the change of ages that was about to happen. He selflessly shared these teachings with anyone who to came to his classes. Each person was given a chance to open themselves to their full human potential. To make the body strong and be healthy. To balance the mind and be happy. To express their spirit and be holy. 

Satsimran Kaur wrote about the formation of our spiritual family in Beads of Truth, 1989:

“In the 60’s, there was a resurgence, especially among young people, to personally experience their own spirituality. Traditional religion had become full of ritual, and families’ practices of religion were more from the mind than from the heart.

“At the same time, many moral issues were facing America, in particular the continued fight for human rights for blacks, and the Vietnam War…These factors resulted in a changed America as the 1970s began. There was an expanding awareness that people could have an impact on society and there was the willingness and desire to impact it. This resulted in a new face and consciousness for American in the 1970’s.

“3HO took root in early 1969 when Yogi Bhajan became the Director of Spiritual Education. Hailing from India with a background in service to the Indian Government, he held such posts as customs and income tax officer. He had a twenty-four year background in yoga and the metaphysical sciences when he arrived in Los Angeles in 1969.

“Yogi Bhajan had been exposed to many saints and sages of the Indian culture since childhood. His natural intuition and curiosity led him on a lifelong search into the metaphysical world. He became a master of Kundalini Yoga (previously considered a secret science) at the age of sixteen. Believing there is no knowledge not to be shared, Yogi Bhajan continued to teach and share the ancient science throughout his government career and married life.

“When he arrived in America, he was like a magnet attracting many young people to his classes in Los Angeles. His knowledge, his wit and his depth of understanding of the human psyche endeared him to all who came to his classes. As more and more students were touched by this great master, he received many invitations from all over the United States to share the teachings of Kundalini Yoga.

“Almost immediately, he began training teachers (which he always claimed as his mission.) The demand was greater than the supply and he sent his student teachers throughout American, Canada, Mexico (and later to South America, Australia, Europe, and Africa) to begin sharing what they had learned. So this was the real beginning of 3HO! The Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization.”