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Love the Reflections in the Cosmic Mirror

By Michael Neutrino

To truly love one other human can be one of the greatest challenges in our lifetime and to love all of humanity can seem like an impossible feat. Yet this is what the Aquarian Age demands of each one of us.

Each soul longs to be a conduit for Universal Love and an excellent barometer is the love we feel towards our brothers and sisters on this planet.

The Universe provides a cosmic mirror and is very generous in showing us ourselves. Each person you meet every day from the grocery clerk to your mother is showing you a reflection of yourself. As we move more into Unity Consciousness these reflections are becoming more magnified only so that we can see ourselves in truth. It is your choice to fight or embrace the reflection that you see.

In the Aquarian Age, these relationship challenges can be reduced to one spiritual lesson: to learn to love ourselves unconditionally. For example, to only love a select group of people in your community and to judge others is not real love. You cannot give something that you do not possess yourself.

Embrace those people who annoy you, who bring out painful emotions, negativity and judgment from deep inside you. The truth is that those people are not the cause of your painful emotions and negativity. This lower frequency energy has been living inside you a long time, waiting to be seen, felt and transmuted into the light.

How do you know when you have reached that state of self-love? It is when you don't get caught up in another's opinion of you; when you don't argue with people; when you don't lose sleep over another person; when you no longer live in the past; when you no longer take things personally; when you are able to extend compassion to each person you meet. When you love yourself, you don't need another person to validate you, to take care of you or to love and accept you.

When you truly love yourself, you love all selves. This makes your relationships and your life flow more smoothly. Human Love teaches us to love our own Soul by accepting all aspects of ourselves that we see in the cosmic mirror. Human love allows us to see the light that lives in all human beings.

Make the commitment to see and relate only to the light in other people. If you find this challenging with some people, extend a small prayer to request to see that person through God's Eyes. You will be amazed at the compassionate energy that moves through your heart. When you do this it only reinforces and strengthens your God Self. Remember, GOD wants to experience itself through you and there is nothing more beautiful and heart opening than to see GOD loving GOD through human beings.

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