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Sacred Kiss by Satkirin Kaur

Music Review by Ramdesh Kaur, Spirit Voyage

Satkirin Kaur’s entire album, Sacred Kiss, reflects February’s theme of Divine Love. It is obvious through her music that Satkirin is a woman who loves God.

Her new song, “All for You,” is a haunting and tender song of love and devotion. Based on a poem written to Yogi Bhajan from one of his students, “All for You” is a song of love that puts the other before the self. It is a humble song of sweetness and respect. She prays while she sings; you can feel it. As her voice carries into “God and Me, Me and God are One,” you find yourself daring to believe that it’s true.

“All for You” helps you realize that not only do you love the Divine with all your being, but that it is reciprocated. “The only life I pray for is this lifetime with you…The only sleep I need is when I can dream of you,” she sings sweetly. The ‘You’ can be anyone you’d like. God, Guru, Yogi Bhajan, your spouse. Sing this song to the One with whom you desire to merge. And feel the sweetness that trumps any sugary Valentine confection. Real love lies in service, humility, and surrender. Love, after all, is the sweetest gift we have to give. This February, let us turn to the Infinite, and lovingly say, “It is all for you.”

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Ramdesh Kaur is the content writer and editor of Spirit Voyage's blog. She became a Kundalini Yoga teacher studying with Gurmukh in Rishikesh, India, where she stayed and taught Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.