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Chakra to Chakra Communication

-Yogi Bhajan Excerpts from Level 2 Conscious Communication Manual 

Your voice must be heard. Your voice must come from the anahat and open up the seven chakras of the other person. He or she has no power to move. If your voice cannot cut through man’s defense mechanism or open up the seven chakras, then it cannot control the arcline and aura. Then what you say is useless.

Learn to speak from the “ji” energy (ie – the soul energy) for no defeat. That’s the power God gave you as a human. When you speak from that upper triangle of chakras, you hit the Universe and the Universe is yours. Good and bad will balance at the third chakra and your voice must come from there. The power of the voice comes from the navel, and the projection comes from the upper triangle.

You have ten bodies. Do you feed your bodies equally well? Do you take care of your mental body, your arc body, your auric body, your subtle body and your radiant body?

With any communication, one center (chakra) is involved. You have to decide what the purpose is. If the purpose is to mess up somebody, go with the first (chakra.) If you want to seduce somebody, go with the second (chakra.) If you want to balance out somebody, go with the third. If you want to uplift somebody, go with the fourth. If you want to be blunt, go by the fifth. If you want to command somebody and take the responsibility, and see it is done and delivered, then go by the sixth. If you want to just get rid of somebody, go by the seventh. You know what the seventh is? “I see the light in you better than me. God bless you, you are wonderful.”

If you talk to somebody from the second chakra and you want the message to be received in the sixth chakra, it is not possible. Do you know, in communication, you have to talk from a chakra to a chakra? You know the sound travels in a straight line? Do you know the physics of it? That’s why, with a radio or a CB when there are high mountains or high buildings, the voice is cut, and you can’t hear. That’s why I say, the whole principle of life is totally contained in thirty-six inches – from which chakra you are talking and which chakra you are receiving. That’s the whole secret of life. If you are talking with somebody from the first chakra, don’t think that person will receive it in the aura.

Any communication that is not received by another human being in the aura cannot be equally fed to the ten bodies. If the communicative projection is not received in the magnetic psyche of the arcline of the person within the auric body, the message is not complete. It is said, but not heard. It is heard, but not understood. It is understood but not lived. 

Your communications can come from more than one center at a time. If you are coming from your fifth center and through your fifth center, you’ll be absolutely blunt. If you are coming from your fifth but through your fourth, you’ll be compassionately blunt. If you are in the fifth and come through the third, you’ll be diplomatically blunt. If you come through the second center, you’ll be intellectually blunt. Still, your purpose of sexuality through the truth can be seen very well. Coming from the first center, you’ll be perversely blunt and eliminate things like a razor; from the sixth, creative blunt; and from the seventh center, you’ll be intelligently blunt. 

As a human being you can easily mix up to three chakras at a time. Any combination can be used. You can learn to pull the energy from any three centers accurately and consciously.

You think it is difficult? No. A guitar has six strings, right? Sometimes it has twelve strings, yet there is always one player and he uses only four fingers. With his fingers, he can make one, two, three, four creative pressures on those strings. But what he’s producing is not strings and fingers; he’s producing a note. In your own life, all creativity has to create a harmonious note. You must combine your chakras harmoniously. If you create an unharmonious note, that’s when you miss the point.

The Aquarian Teacher: Conscious Communication. KRI International Teacher Training in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Level 2 Transformation Practitioner. Kundalini Research Institute. 2006.

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan