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July 2010 Numerology Forecast


Manifest, Trust, and Invest in Your Soul


By Nam Hari Kaur Khalsa, California, USA

The month of July is the beginning of a unique three month energy cycle on planet Earth. There is a great "seeding" power at this time, and our goals, dreams, and visions will have an increased foundation of fortitude to hold strong in our ever-changing world. In the divine synchronicity of the Universe there are 7 lucky days in this 7th month of the year, and these days are the 1st, 8th, 9th, 17th, 18th, 26th, and 27th. Whatever you choose to manifest, whether it be a happy marriage, successful business, or personal endeavor, initiate it on one of these days. This is called "securing the fortune" which allows the cosmic trade winds to guide and support our vision. Setting sail at high tide is always better than pushing the boat across a low tide shore.

Seven is the archetype of the wise owl. An owl is steady, contemplative, and alert. With stealth and silent accuracy it moves to catch its prey. The capacity in life to go deeply within so we may clear out, assess, and move outward again is an essential function of the human psyche. We create many self-inflicted blunders by not taking the time to invest in ourselves through a simple spiritual practice. As we approach the turning point of 12-21-2012, everything is intensifying at an increasing pace. Yogi Bhajan has said of these times, "Either you ride the wave, or the wave rides you."

We are all looking for more support and nurturing in our lives, however, with so many people stressed out, it can be difficult to find an emotional oasis in one human being at all times. The key is to have a connection within to our higher self, while tuning into the rhythm of the Universe. Then we've always got the head's up! One of the most precious investments you can make for yourself is to get the DVD from the KRI Foundation series called "Volume Five: The Change of the Age."* In this lecture is an 11 minute meditation you can do with Yogi Bhajan and the class. He is a master of "Naad Yoga" (the science of sound), and his words throughout the meditation help to guide and support you. In the classic rock and roll song "I Get By with a Little Help from my Friends" there is the line, "How do you feel at the end of the day, does it worry you to be alone?" The singer responds by saying, "'No, I get by with a little help from my friends." We all need friendship, support, and camaraderie; the days of the lone wolf are over. The connection just needs to be on the high road and not the low road, because there can be wolves in sheep's clothing. Yogi Bhajan has said this meditation will bring the most unfortunate person to be the most fortunate, and further, that it will take you to the horizons that you do not even believe you can touch. That's the way to fly! This is how to get in line with your real friends in both the earthly and angelic realms. Everything is there waiting for you on a higher vibrational plane, you just need the right vehicle, which is your spirit in motion aligned with your soul.

Seven is the domain of trust, and our emotional intelligence will be processing through issues of trust and boundaries. The thought, "Can I trust him or her again?" as well as, "Am I better off just trusting myself?" will be resounding through our minds. Trust can be a tricky terrain, and a good rule of thumb is to trust within a 20% margin of error. That way if something does go wrong you can usually cover the 20% by yourself or with other resources. Try to create a test situation for any endeavor of high stakes or emotional consequence. For example, if I am planning a 100 mile canoe trip and someone volunteers to paddle along with me, it would be wise to go for a 2 mile test run first. That way you're not stuck pulling someone else's weight 50 miles into a "no way out" situation. Ever been there? This can and does occur in marriage, business, and even a cross country road trip. Is the other person really on the same level as you? On the water you'll find out soon enough!

Any number can fluctuate to the positive or negative polarity. When seven goes negative it can feel a bit lonely. The emotion of loneliness is part of the human experience, and it gives us the option to reconsider our alliances and how we are investing precious time and energy. This ultimately supports our soul's journey. A way to circumvent the dead end feeling of loneliness is to remember this quote from Yogi Bhajan:

"Our actions and reactions bring us to different variations. But when you find the nucleus of your life and the brightness of your light, when you understand your grace, then our Mother Nature and Heavenly Father will work with you as partners. It is the promise of the Divine that God takes care of the affairs of those who have no duality."


The state of non-duality is a merging of our consciousness into divine light. This is what the turning point of 12-21-2012 is really about. Drama is often what motivates people (or sells movie tickets!), however as yogis and spiritual men and women of God we have the elevated option of working in tandem with the angelic realm to bring about the positive change that the soul of humanity is praying for. Make this a time to re-dedicate yourself to your spiritual practice, that you may have the boundless energy and resources within to live as one of the divine light leaders in the Aquarian Age.

*The DVD "Volume Five: The Change of the Age" (March 12, 1996), can be found at: www.SpiritVoyage.com and www.kundaliniresearchinstitute.org.

Nam Hari Kaur Khalsa uses the science of Numerology to help people better understand the trends and cycles of their lives. Hidden away in your birth date are the secrets to your life's happiness. The Destiny Line of your life is the frequency of your heart's fulfillment and true potential. In a flow of clarity and compassion your questions on love, relationships, money, and career are answered. For an appointment in person or by phone call: 310.202.8937 or 575.305.0017, or email: [email protected].