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February 2013 KundaLiving: Authentic Relationships

The experience of love offers a promise for hope, happiness and satisfaction. Yet, when the relationships with people we love do not work out, it can create so much suffering in the human heart.

Kundalini Yoga is a yoga for the householder. These teachings are for people who want to live in the world, marry, have children, and still be yogis. Because of this, Yogi Bhajan shared many lifestyle teachings about how to have authentic relationships with those you love.

When you hear the word “love,” what comes to mind? Do you consider yourself successful in love? Do you love yourself? Do you have a good relationship with a partner? Do you need to heal the wounds of love within you?

This month, with the romance of Valentine’s Day, we invite you to explore the yogic reality of love. It begins with finding yourself first, and then understanding the nature of loving another person. 3HO is grateful to share these tools with you, so that you can find success in relationship to yourself and to others. 

February KundaLiving: Authentic Relationships

Meditations: A Meditation for Couples

                     Meditation to Heal A Broken Heart

Kriya: Kundalini Yoga for the Magnetic Field and Heart Center

Yogi Bhajan Study Quotes: Authentic Relationships

Recipe: Mango Lassi

Webinar:  Authentic Relationships with Guruka Singh and Guruka Kaur

A Message for Men

The Role of a Woman


The Movement of the Woman & the Man

Marriage is a Carriage

Questions and Answers on Relationships

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