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Evolutionary Astrology for April 2013: The Time is Now

By Himat Kaur

Another month has come and gone. Days fly by so quickly, and so many of our best intentions of reaching for our goals drift slowly along the sidelines of our lives. And yet, the heavens keep moving, and our karma continues to be stimulated and churned for our growth and evolution, calling us to move in the direction of our dharma.

At the time of our birth, the planets create powerful energetic imprints at the levels of cells, organs, systems of the body, chakras, the ten bodies, etc. Then, as the planets travel around the solar system throughout our lives, they form angles that stimulate those energetic imprints made by the planets at our birth. Whole patterns are set in motion and reactivated, to raise our conscious awareness of ourselves and stimulate a desire within us to change those patterns, to spur us to evolve and become the best possible versions of ourselves.

Astrology is not just a set of concepts. These are living energies we are dancing with. And the energetic imprint of the planets at our birth is again not just conceptual. Imagine your physical self as an amazing, complex weave of different vibrations. Then imagine some external source(s) beaming more energy straight into that mix of vibrations and swirling what’s there. Our innate vibrations get stimulated, sometimes smoothly, sometimes provocatively.

The stimulus of the planetary angles is similar to the technology of Kundalini Yoga in which we use angles of arms, legs, and eyes and fingertip pressures, to stimulate targeted organs, glands, systems, chakras and meridians in very specific ways. The planets churn us, too. And in this we have no choice. Our patterns will be stimulated, whether invited or not. And then we do have a choice: Will we be passive by-standers, triggered by external events and reacting from an unconscious pattern/habit? Or will we consciously dance with our patterns, purposefully ramping into the energies of the planets in their dance, and riding the waves of evolution each of the planets is calling for?

Saturn Inconjunct Uranus – April 12, 2013

Enter one of the largest planetary influences of April 2013: The aspect of Saturn inconjunct Uranus (150-degree angle). Here we have Saturn—the planet of structure, order, responsibility, stasis, crystallization, stuckness, depression—dancing an uncomfortable dance with Uranus—the planet of freedom, individuation, chaos, revolution, change, breakdown and/or breakthrough. This dance is not an easy one. Each of these two planets is an antidote to the other; their needs are at odds. Saturn wants structure while Uranus wants freedom from structure. Saturn wants us to work hard, be responsible, and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Uranus wants to break out of any ordered approach to things, to be genius and unique, innovative and groundbreaking. The inconjunct aspect is an angle between two signs that have nothing in common. Everything about this planetary pairing in April creates discomfort like the fairy tale of the princess and the pea. It gets our attention and calls for adjustment in order to create some stability and comfort.

Will we make helpful and lasting changes? Which side will adjust? Will we break through our crystallized patterns that once served the soul, but now only keep us limited? Or will the old, stale, limited and limiting patterns win out, crushing the evolutionary momentum for a time? Will we just do what it takes to be comfortable again, without creating lasting change in our issues?

Leveraging Saturn Inconjunct Uranus

We will soon be experiencing the third of seven Uranus-Pluto squares occurring between June of 2012 and March of 2015. These squares are intense and ruthless in their demand for human evolution. I have written some about these squares, and will write more next month as we approach the third square in May.

Suffice it to say that with this Saturn-Uranus aspect on April 12th, a path is being offered to us. Like Aikido practitioners, we have the opportunity to purposefully flow with the tide of energy these planets are beaming our way. We can use our personal efforts to stimulate the change we need.

In strongly Uranian times, it can seem as though breakthroughs come crashing into our lives as if slashing into time and space like lightning, seemingly coming “out of nowhere.” In reality, Uranus is always there urging us to individuate, to break ourselves free from our own limited patterns (Saturn), to break out of prisons that remain locked due to our own acceptance. We only experience that shattering blast to some facet of our lives when we have not been listening to the whispers and “intuitive hints” from Uranus as it tries to gently spur our evolution.

So, on April 12th, we have the planet of sweat and effort and success through goal setting and discipline (Saturn), in a pressurized aspect to Uranus, the planet of breakdown, breakthrough, disconnection from what doesn’t work, with vision for the new promise of what should be. The question at this time is, will you do the work (Saturn) to make changes for the better in your life, your social connections and social structures? Will you hear Uranus’ call for growth and expansion and evolution of those areas? Or will you sit back, quietly accepting the stuck state of things, waiting and waiting until Uranus blows up your prison?

It’s like that popular story of the town experiencing a flood. A homeowner is standing in the flood water in front of his house. Someone drives up in a truck and asks the homeowner if he needs a ride away from there. The homeowner says, “No thanks, I’m waiting for God to save me.” As the water rises further, someone comes by in a boat and offers the homeowner a ride away from there. The homeowner replies, “No thanks, I’m waiting for God to save me.” Eventually, the flood water has risen so high that the homeowner is perched on the roof of his house. A helicopter flies up and asks the homeowner if he wants a ride to safety. Once again, the homeowner replies, “No thanks, I’m waiting for God to save me.” Cut to the scene where the homeowner has died and is standing in front of God, who asks why the homeowner did not accept help. The homeowner states, “I was waiting for you to save me.” God replies, “I sent three helpers. What more did you want?”

We all have our issues and our karma to be healed and cleared. Every one of us goes through times when we have similar experiences to the homeowner’s flood. The flood represents our issues and karma, which if we are honest, is right there before us showing us what needs to be transformed. In times of great planetary, evolutionary stimulus, the question is whether we will recognize the flood rising, and purposefully take the action that we can to hop on the next vehicle that helps us move away from the karmic patterns.

Building Momentum into the Next Uranus-Pluto Square

The seven Uranus-Pluto squares of 2012-2015 give both incredible pressure, as well as the energy and insight needed to take action and resolve our karma. The Saturn-Uranus inconjunct of April 12th challenges us to make a running start, so we can capitalize on the energies of change with the Uranus-Pluto square coming in May.

The area of life effected and needing breakthrough is different for each of us, according to what’s happening in our biography and what is stimulated in our natal chart and anchored in us vibrationally. But the point is the same. We have some sense of where we are stuck and have been receiving stimulus for change. So, will we willingly make some changes? Or will we wait for the proverbial “Divine two-by-four”?

We can apply Saturn hard work to make subconscious changes. We can work with Saturn like the Aikido master, acting on the psyche and catalyzing a Uranian breakthrough.

From the other side of things, we can apply energetic technology (Uranus) to create breakthroughs in stuck ways of being (Saturn). We can work with Uranus like the Aikido master, doing something in a radically different way, taking a road not previously traveled (by us), and thereby start to break out of the petrified state (Saturn) of some facet of karma.

However we dance with it, this planetary pairing asks that we do something to facilitate our own evolution. The relationship between Saturn and Uranus at the time of the inconjunct can help create pressure and leverage to effect change. We can take action to tap into the planetary geometry and loosen what needs to be freed.

What You Can Do:

Consider starting a 40-plus-day personal Sadhana, that uses energetic technology to leverage change in an area of crystallized patterns in your life. The idea is to create your own momentum of evolutionary change, beginning your Sadhana on or before April 12th, and continuing through and beyond the next Uranus-Pluto square May 20th. A few ideas for your Sadhana:

  • I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again because it’s powerful and I love it: If you don’t have a specific meditation or Kriya in mind for targeted change, a great “go-to” is the Meditation for the Arcline & to Clear Karmas from the Master’s Touch book.
  • Another great “go-to” that fits the energy of Saturn hard work to effect change, is So Darshan Chakra Kriya. This meditation can be found in several places. Email me if you need it.
  • Chant Sat Siri Siri Akal, which “helps establish ourselves outside the change of time as deathless beings, so that everything we do is from the timeless space of the soul.”

Himat Kaur has a Bachelor’s degree in Comparative Religion, and is an evolutionary astrologer. She offers private astrological consultations as well as life coaching, and can be reached at (813) 444-6285 [(813) 4-HimatK]. Visit Himat’s website at EvolveWithAstrology.com. You can email her at: [email protected].