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June 2010 Numerology Forecast: New-Found Fortitude through Clearing Emotional Burdens

By Nam Hari Kaur Khalsa, California, USA

The month of June is a time of spiritual assessment and regeneration. Throughout the month we are dealing with issues of trust, justice, and fair play, as well as a deep emotional longing to connect with those who will truly understand us and never leave us. The intensity of our emotions at this time drives us to examine more closely what motivates our behavior, and where certain adjustments need to be made.

Self-inquiry along the lines of, "Why do I always seem to attract people who let me down?" as well as exploring the balance checkpoint, "Where might I be letting others down?" are important points to ponder. However, the catch to all this internal dialogue is in the awareness that the maze of the mind may be set up in a way which always leads to the same dead end. How to break the cycle? There is a tremendous amount of fire energy available to us in June, and we can use this energy to burn out physical toxins and mental impurities. The time is ripe and right to participate in a Native American sweat lodge, enjoy a Japanese dry sauna, or head out to the New Mexico hot springs. Sweat it out!

As you are clearing away all that has no higher purpose, remember to fortify yourself with high quality nutrition. The latest research suggests that berries, particularly those of a blue color, can restore neural pathways that have been affected by past drug use. Now you won't be headed down the same old dead end in the misty maze of the mind!

With new-found fortitude, we can look at our family and love relationships with a clear eye and open heart. Whatever emotional burden you have been tolerating up until now will not be able to pass past the 30th of this month. If not released or resolved, it will create an odd sort of emotional bitterness which will affect your perspective on life, and overall sense of possibilities—not a healthy recipe. So how to slay this dragon? Speaking up through conscious dialogue is the beginning to creating a neutral and non-threatening space where all the issues may be addressed. Neutrality can't be bought on E-Bay, but it can be invoked by chanting the Ardas Bhaee* mantra for 11 minutes, ideally with the person(s) with whom you would like to create harmony and balance. The motto "You can't solve the problem at the level of the problem," rings true as gold at this time. I may be right, you may be right, and if we both sit at opposite ends of a sinking ship "being right," nobody's going anywhere except down. Yogi Bhajan once said, “Human is the lit enlightened self which defied the limit." You can bring this limitless potential into play by elevating the frequency of your own vibratory nature; and by chanting with others, you mega-multiply the effect. In the future all problems will be solved through this system of vibrational healing.

In the classic Beatles song Revolution, they sing, "You tell me it's the institution, well you know, you better free your mind instead." When the Berlin wall came tumbling down, it was the prayer of humanity which wielded the hammers and pick axes. Our unified prayer at this time will shift the frequency of thought on planet Earth towards a place of peace and resolution. We are the ones we have been waiting for.

And you know it's gonna be, all right!

*The Ardas Bhaee mantra can be found on CD at www.SpiritVoyage.com. The version by Singh Kaur is particularly beautiful.