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Call for Eco 3HO Videos!

Send us your Eco 3HO videos and share how your community is getting greener and greener!

3-5 minutes, digital format.

Featuring the work your Kundalini community is doing to develop sustainable programs and practices.




    • How you run a Green Yoga Center,



    • How you are serving your local community to implement sustainable practices,



    • Food coops, sustainable energy projects, organic garden coops, clean air and water efforts, using sustainably produced products, etc.



 Let’s share all the good you are doing!

You will be featured on 3HO.org homepage and Facebook.

Send your video via email (if possible) or snail mail by April 20th and it could be featured at the 3HO UN International Mother Earth Day Event broadcasting live to the global community on Friday, April 22. (Please send it even if you can’t make our deadline—we will use it in our Eco 3HO programming and we can still feature it on the 3HO Facebook page.)

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