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Winter Solstice Impressions

By Sat Want Singh Khalsa

Having just returned from Winter Solstice 2011 and with the experience still fresh in my mind, I thought I would share some of my impressions. With over 700 people attending, the group energy during the morning Sadhana and in the Tantric lines was dynamic.

Tantric was especially meaningful, and whether we were blissfully meditating amongst the snowy peaks of the Himalayan mountains (as we were doing in one exercise) or collectively struggling to keep our index fingers from sliding off our partner’s sweaty third eye and down their nose, Tantric was the usual mix of pain and bliss, effort and reward. On the first two days, the Tantric exercises finished by 4:30 pm and we had time to enjoy the delightful weather in the evening while sipping Golden Milk and wandering into the Yogi Tea Café to hear various musicians.

On the third day, Tantric lasted closer to 12 hours and with 80+ degree temperatures compounded by 700 people in a confined tent space, we were thinking we could brand the Tantric as “Hot” Tantric Yoga! By the time the day finally ended we were ready to celebrate the victory of enduring yet another round of Tantric.

The other part of Solstice which I always enjoy are the meaningful communications I have with either old friends that I catch up with or with people I am meeting for the first time. The conversations to me always go much deeper than anything I typically have outside of Solstice. Being surrounded by a group of people dedicated to expanding their awareness in the Solstice environment has a most profound effect upon me.

I am again grateful that I had the opportunity to attend Winter Solstice and recharge myself until our Summer Solstice gathering. Hope to see you there!