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With Patience Comes Our True Power

By Gurudev Kaur

Sometimes trends come and they are worth following.

Other times trends push us to create new trends and paradigms and they reveal a clarity of purpose in showing us what is "ours to do."

Such was the case in the journey toward producing the 3HO Video "Patience Pays".

When the "S#!+ People Say" videos where trendy many of us had alot of fun in considering what a Kundalini Yogi would say--what makes us unique, out of the box.

We had almost 1000 comments on Facebook with very humorous ideas on what Kundalini Yogis say--social networking at it's best. It made us laugh and look at ourselves in a real and earthy way.

But if 3HO were to produce a video, how would we use our time, resources and power of projection in the MOST elevated way?

What is ours to do?

Right in the middle of this discussion, Jaap Kaur, General Manager of 3HO, brought in the words to Yogi Bhajan's affirmation "Patience Pays" to a Team Meeting (in every team meeting we experience the teachings through a meditation, lecture, or discussion).  She also shared this Yogi Bhajan quote on the Power of the Word:

“The highest most effective energy on this planet is the Word. There is nothing beyond it. There shall be nothing beyond it. There was nothing beyond it. Therefore we must consciously understand the power of the Word. When we understand the power of the Word and we apply our whole mind behind the Word, then we create the Word, which can create the whole world for us.”  Yogi Bhajan, The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan, p. 7

Then Anand Singh, 3HO Events Director, mentioned the 2008 Obama "Yes We Can" videos (Obama is giving a speech and people are saying it with him in unison) and that's when the vision gelled for this video.

It awakened in all of us the idea that our strongest projection as a community sharing a lifestyle of consciousness and empowerment is in sharing the teachings of Yogi Bhajan in the most authentic, pure, and elevated way, as he would, and by being the legacy through the power of the Word, our words.

Producing this video was an incredible experience for me as this affirmation is deeply, deeply transformative. Reciting it over and over and witnessing my 3HO Family recite it, feel it, sing it, and be it brought me to a place of innocence and trust. As with most of the teachings, it has changed me at my core -- I vibrate a deeper inner knowing with these words. Reciting this affirmation creates a light-filled vibration in every cell and it is truly a recipe for life that I hope will spread like a trend, a forever trend, of truly living the legacy.

Gurudev Kaur has been teaching Kundalini Yoga since 2001. Her passion and love for the teachings of Yogi Bhajan and the 3HO lifestyle shines through her work as Marketing Director for 3HO. Her seven year old daughter, Nam Dhyan Kaur, is just as effervescent and vibrant as her Mom.