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Yogi Bhajan Quotes on Woman

"I believe woman is the door to God...
Her sway and her grace is keeping 
the Earth in its own place."

"If a woman sits with folded hands in her lap for a few minutes every day, and feels she is a container so vast that she contains the whole Universe, she will never feel weak or have any problems. There is nothing beyond woman except God."  

“Adi Shakti is the Divine Mother, the primal, protective, and generating energy in the cosmos. Let us call on the Divine Mother, the Infinite, the powerful. Her jantra (symbolic form) is the two swords of God to protect you, the center of your world. These are the two-edged swords of the being, the negative and the positive. This is her being. This is her presence.” – 11/16/73

"Aad Shakti Namo Namo. That's what you are: the primal nucleus power with absolutely no deficiency; complete and perfect and positive; one who can create another human being out of her. She can bring God on Earth, she can bring a saint, and she can bring heavens, and she can build a house with a needle which man cannot build with millions of dollars and with all his vigilance. When you are corrupt, you are terribly corrupt. When you are not, you are the most powerful individual psyche on the planet." -7/12/89

"By construction, the fulfillment of a woman is motherhood—and motherhood does not mean that she gets pregnant and delivers a baby. If you understand her total behavior, you will understand her motherhood. Her motherhood is service, her motherhood is sacrifice, her motherhood is relationship. When she knows motherhood, she is fulfilled." 
[The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan p. 28]

"The universal Infinity we bow to, this Adi Shakti, this kanda, that represents Infinity. That's our symbol. When we worship Infinity, then we appreciate the Infinity, we bow to the Infinity, and we ask the Infinity to be with us. When you are with Infinity, you are not limited."

"You cannot love me if you will not love your first teacher, who is woman. You are born of a woman. If you do not learn to respect woman, the Supreme Consciousness will not talk to you. You will end up with broken homes and broken hearts.
[The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan p. 28]

"Woman has to understand her role. Her role is not to worship God; her role is to be the very self of God. Her oneness can affect and open every heart."

"God cannot create another God. Therefore God is impotent. The potent God is when God, through the Divinity of the Infinity of the Adi Shakti, prevails."

“We put a turban on and put Adi Shakti on. That means, whenever you look at yourself, you will see one thing: you are nothing but divine. Your clarity of mind embodies itself in that reality when you become that light of God. You don't have to look beautiful to the whole world. The whole world has to come down to bow to you, because you belong to God.”

"There was one primal force—Aadi Shakti. She has three disciples; Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh—the one who created, the one who sustained, and one who destroyed or delivered. And those three letters became God: G for generation, generating and being generous; O for organizing, ovulation and effectiveness (that is Vishnu); and Mahesh, the one who delivers or destroys, and in principle, whatever you cannot deliver shall destroy you."

"You are woman, not a playmate. You are a woman, not a good-for-nothing. No creature on this planet has the beauty, the strength, and the power that you have as a woman."

“May the light within you guide your way on. Because when you look to the outside for light, there is a possibility that you may be blinded and exploited. But one thing shall never betray a woman: her own light and her own radiance as a woman. If the light within you can guide you, you will definitely excel. The time has come when this exploitation must stop. The time has come when a daughter should be treated as a daughter, a mother should be treated as a mother, a wife should be treated as a wife, and over and above all, woman should be treated as a woman.”

"Three things: wise, radiant and sober. Early in the morning when a woman rises, she should know and see that she is sober, she is wise and she is radiant. The whole day she should experience that. At night she should make an account of it and tally the balance. You have to train yourself each day into the mystery of your unknown, Adi Shakti, your symbol. It means you are Infinity; you are the primal power."

“When are you going to decide, ‘This is the end of my exploitation—I am going to live today as a woman.’ When are you going to learn to stop being anything other than a woman?”

“Never be ungrateful in a relationship to any woman. For if you do not respect a symbol, then you do not respect your clarity of consciousness, and woman is a symbol of regeneration. We call it the symbol of Adi Shakti.”

“Your inner concept and your outer projection have to be in absolute balance. From beginning to end, you must act as a woman in absolute grace.”

“All man needs is a comprehensive understanding that he shall be comforted by the woman he’s in relationship with. Man seeks a woman with whom he can put his head on her pillow and speak to her in confidence, in trust. If man cannot trust you, then relationship with that man is a bust.”

“Accept yourself early in the morning when you look in the mirror or when you open your eyes—just say, “By the Grace of God, I am a complete woman.” One affirmation only, and remember it throughout the day. Dress up for yourself, be for yourself, and carry yourself. You will never be handicapped.”

“Your beauty, your duty, your makeup, your knowledge, your degrees, your education, and whatever else you may want to use to your advantage are based on only one thing: From beginning to end, you act as a woman in absolute grace.”

“You do not understand your features. Your features are not your beautiful nose, your beautiful cheeks, beautiful lips, and so on. These are not your features. Your features are your beautiful behavior, your beautiful character, your beautiful health, your beautiful spirit, your beautiful advice, your beautiful wisdom, your beautiful inspiration.”
-August 21, 1978

"A woman’s inborn capacity to excel is 16 times more than a man’s. If she just has self-esteem that she’s a woman, there’s no power on Earth that can make her do wrong. Woman is priceless."

“You don’t need make-up; you don’t need to make up for anything. You are known by your spirit. You shall project out by your radiance. You shall be loved and honored by your excellence.”
-July 24, 1996

“A woman has to learn the fundamental truth that she is she and she has her own design, her own consent, her own self, her own life, her own projection, and her own beauty.”
-July 31, 1984

“The greatest thing you can praise is yourself. As you stand before the mirror and look into it, you look to yourself as a woman. You look to yourself as a graceful woman. You look to yourself as a competent, intelligent woman. You can give thanks for it. It should be so automatic with you. It should be so real.”
-July 31, 1984

“Not only are you powerful, you are prestigious. Not only are you prestigious, you are beautiful. Not only are you beautiful, you are consciousness. Not only are you consciousness, you are the spirit. Not only are you the spirit, you are the security of the future, the most bountiful beauty ever God created. Men call it ‘woman.’”
-July 23, 1984

 “The greatest beauty in you is that if you become sacred, your price will go up. If you want to protect your future, never act cheap. If you want to be free, never control anything—it will drag you to death. If you want to be respected, never nag. And if you want to be loved, then deliver. Let your words mean what you say.”
-July 4, 1995

“When you do not fall into the pit of your mental depression; when your thoughts are not impure and inferior; when you do not sell out to time and space and your temptation is not your guiding force, then the beauty, the glow and the growth which you get as an independent person is your effective godliness. And it's not garbage. A poor one can do it, a rich one can do it, a healthy one can do it and a sick one can do it.”
-July 9, 1995

“You have not learned to live by the decoration, beauty and make-up of grace. You have learned to look beautiful by your make-up. And you cannot improve on the work of God. Your make-up does not make any sense. That's why, spending all the money on make-up, still you are miserable. Nobody can improve on what He made, the great Creator, the artist, whose creation you are.”
–June 26, 1988

“I know bana (spiritual dress) works. You don't. If bana doesn't work then Neiman Marcus won't work either. Simply you end up with less money. Do you understand what I'm saying?”
–June 26, 1988

"Just as rain showers on the land and brings green things, so on woman God showers His Blessing and brings forth from her heart humanity."

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

Photo of Yogi Bhajan from Women's Camp 1988