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Prosperity: Contained, Content, and Continuous

By Siri Kirin/Kathe Forrest

 “Richness is having the Power of wealth. Prosperity is when you are powerfully satisfied.”
-Yogi Bhajan

Prosperity includes so much more than green paper money. For me, it means good health, enjoyable relations with family and co-workers, a nice and safe place to call home, and not last and not least but service and work in the community. It encompasses all that is in our life.

Are you powerfully fulfilled? Do you want and need more? Yogi Bhajan says we need a million things and a million things will come to us if we can just be patient. That’s not all we can do. He goes on to say that prosperity comes when you contain yourself, are content, and are continuous in your projection.

I know that it is difficult sometimes staying focused and content. Yet, I find when I do put complete attention into a project (i.e. my life or my day to day jobs), I find pure satisfaction. By nature I have many interests. Most of my life I explored these avenues of the various talents I was given, yet I did not stick to any particular one until the last ten or eleven years. Then, I became continuous in my projection and, sure enough, it is paying off.

I recently watched a movie where one of the main characters kept repeating to his fellow classmates, “Pursue excellence and success will follow,” as he saw friends trapped in their own attitude or beliefs. He recognized and pointed out to them that they were not doing well at school because they were not happy or what they were pursuing was done out of fear. We can relate, yes?

There are many courses and workshops on the “how to” of bringing more prosperity into our existence including the hit movie, “The Secret.” I myself have taught Prosperity workshops and I emphasize the importance of clear intuition, gratitude, and being honest with yourself about what you want and need. But, similar to the classmates mentioned previously, our fears can overwhelm us.

Prosperity can leave us breathless.

Breathless—gasping for air as in when we are too stressed at life’s dilemmas to see the possibility of a way through the situation. That is when we need to center on a deep breath and begin a meditation such as the Meditation for Intuition and to Dispel Fear. This can be found in A Women’s Book of Meditations by Hari Kaur Khalsa. This meditation has a special breath pattern that helps conquer fear and opens your intuition to guide you into a more relaxed state of being.

Perhaps we are breathless and speechless when money comes to us out of the blue: an unexpected windfall, a past debt is paid or an investment pays off or a friend takes us out for breakfast. Believe that all will be taken care of and go forward into your destiny. Use deep breathing.  A steady breath in and out cultivates the experience of fearlessness and the flow of prosperity continues.

I encourage you to do a prosperity kriya or meditation for 40 days, because within that time space there are changes; there are shifts and transformations. There is always work involved but continuous, repetitive yoga and striving with a dose of discipline makes it softer, workable and doable.

My very favorite prosperity meditation is the Meditation to Tap Opportunities, found in Yoga for Prosperity by Siri Kirpal Kaur Khalsa. Intuition is expanded and we can see those opportunities to fulfill our destiny. The “Hariang” that you chant destroys all blocks on your way to becoming powerfully satisfied.

Kathe Forrest/Siri Kirin began studying Hatha yoga and meditation in her mid-twenties and became certified in Hatha yoga after a 10-year intensive study. She has been certified as a Kundalini teacher since 2007 and acknowledges that for her this one takes the cake. Her teaching and understanding of yoga, meditation and pranayama is influenced by the philosophy of many yogis and teachers including: Kahil Gibran, Sivananda and Yogi Bhajan. Studies in nutrition and alternative therapies have contributed to her scope of understanding the mind-body connection. Kathe can be reached through email and her website to provide classes and workshops on the 40 day practice. Her new book, Keep the Change, Simple Practices for Lasting Transformation is available through