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Prosperity is about Getting Real with Yourself

By Sat Atma Kaur

“You are as great as you think you are." "Have the attitude of gratitude." "You are responsible for your creative existence." We hear these catchy phrases all the time, but what do they mean, and why are we attracted to them? To what extent is it our own responsibility to create prosperity in our own lives?

Prosperity means different things to different people. Prosperity, to me, means vibrant health, loving friends and family, financial stability, and a strong inner connection with God.

Recently, talking to a friend, I asked "If my destiny is written, why do I hear so often that I create my own experience, and why does that feel true to me?" The response I got was "Your destiny IS already written. As you continue to become more in tune with your true self, your soul, you make choices based on your destiny." Why? Because it feels right; it feels good. Basically, as we grow to be more at one with our true Self, through awareness of feelings and thought patterns, we hone our ability to be conscious creators, to claim the prosperity that is ours.

Doctors and healers link disease in the body to common thoughts or beliefs we have about ourselves. Anger is stored in the liver. Indigestion and gas are signs of not moving forward in life, of gripping fear. We hold fear in the joints of the knees, and feel lack of support in the small of the back. Our bodies offer us a form of communication, through feeling, that indicates how our thoughts are affecting our lives. This built-in intelligence system is continually guiding our decisions.

We can use our feelings as guidance. The way we feel in any given moment is an indication of what we are thinking and what we are creating. The skill of creating with thought dates as far back as the tenth century. This method encourages us to concretize how we want to be in our lives, to get specific, to idealize. We then use our feelings to indicate the extent to which our experience is congruent with our desire. We focus over and over again on what we want, and eventually "our being aligns itself with our intention, and our goal becomes manifest."

Yogi Bhajan says, "Success adores a prosperous attitude." Prosperity is about getting real with yourself. It is about taking responsibility for the position you are currently in, identifying what you want, and how it will happen. "We are wanting to, as creators, offer a vibration that matches our desire rather than a vibration that matches our observation." Yogically, this is known as projection. Use the way that you talk to yourself, the way you think, and the way you feel to create goodness in your life. Becoming prosperous requires you to take responsibility for what is happening "to" you, to become more conscious, and to make decisions that will bring you closer to your goal.

If you want to increase the prosperity in your life, pay attention to the way you feel. Use your feeling to identify what you are thinking. If you don't feel good about what is happening, look at what you are thinking. Let us say, for example, that your goal is to have a healthier self-image. Compare your emotional/body response to these two thoughts: "I do not like myself, and I do not want to see anyone." Pause, and notice what this feels like. Notice the effects these thoughts have on your body. Is this how you want to feel?

If you don't like the way you feel, try this thought: “Becoming beautiful inside and out is a living process, and I allow myself to move gracefully through this process." How does that make you feel?

Remembering that our destiny is determined might take some of the pressure off of having to make life "happen." However, in wanting to experience prosperity, it is our responsibility to live in conscious awareness of what we are thinking and what is manifesting in our lives. Tune in to what is truly you and hold steady. Focus on the goodness that is in your life—that you want in your life—and do not waver. Prosperity will come.

Sat Atma Kaur Khalsa holds a Master of Social Work degree and has been practicing yoga for 21 years. She combines tools from her profession with yogic technology and wisdom to lead others to look within for integration and fulfillment.

Originally published in Aquarian Times, Autumn 2001