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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Commitment, Progress and Protection

Excerpts from a lecture by Yogi Bhajan, October 16, 1973

Any act that you can turn into a worship; any act that you can turn into an act of higher consciousness; every act you can turn to an act of giving, surrendering, committing to the Absolute—will take you to the Absolute.

No one is too old to become a saint. All it takes is a turning point, all it takes is a turning of the wheel of thought, all it takes is committing one’s self within one’s self. All it takes is committing to the Word. From the day that one’s words are spoken just to exalt God, God shall exalt that person on this Earth. When the finite will exalt the Infinity, the Infinity will exalt the finite. It is a simple law of give and take.

If you will exalt God all the time, if with every breath Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Nam[1] comes from your tongue, you shall become Sat Nam. The entire world will become Sat Nam around you. There is nothing which will not know you.

If I love somebody, then I have no question to ask, no answer to listen for. Love is beyond questions and answers, love is beyond give and take—nobody has taken anything, nobody has given anything. Love is beyond time and space, love is Infinity; love is God in itself.

On one side you claim you love, and on the other side you say, “You didn’t bring flowers to me last night so I am angry with you.” Now what kind of love is that? That is just like bargaining in the high name [of love]. If your love and expression of love is about getting and giving, then it can happen that way.

That is why it is said that in the progress of knowledge, when a student commits, he doesn’t commit for the sake of commitment, he commits because the commitment is a knowledge within itself. It means getting grounded fast, getting grounded strong; it means leaning unto Infinity.

Commitment is knowledge within itself. You don’t commit to get the knowledge. When you commit, knowledge comes to you. If you can commit and hold on to it, there is nothing more you have to learn. When you commit, things will happen which will shift in you, change you, stop you, make [tempt] you to disobey, revolt. Such opportunities will come to you. Even if you forget the truth that is the basis of you, if you continue to be committed, that’s all it takes. Commitment does not “begin” anything. Commitment is the end in itself.

There is nothing beyond commitment, there is nothing before commitment, and there is nothing in commitment, because commitment is complete within itself. Before commitment you are a nut. After commitment you are still a nut because you are committing, and you can’t go anywhere else. So within commitment you are a nut because you are fixed. But you know what that feeling is? When the atom splits, it creates an energy, which nobody can even measure. When you split, it is like atomic power, which burns you up. But when that energy unites, it makes the atom. It is that commitment which is that positive union. An atom makes the molecule, a molecule makes the matter, and matter makes the life.

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

Published in Aquarian Times, September 2007








[1] Sat means truth and rhymes with ‘but;’ Nam means name or identity and rhymes with ‘mom’