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“When you were one year old to seven years old, you loved certain realms. Seven years to fourteen years, you didn’t. If I take a bottle, a good bottle with honey and put a nipple on it, who among you will like it if I put it in your mouth? Will you like it? Not one of you. You can’t take it. But when you are one, two, three years old, all you like is your bottle. So your personality changes because the consciousness changes after every 7 years. That’s a set brain wave to which man has no control.

You can think. You can plan. You can strategize. After every 11 years, your intelligence will change. These are the things over which you have no control. After 18 years, your lifestyle will change. It will not be the same because your energy, your maturity, your experience will force you to change.”
–Yogi Bhajan, 3/3/91

Maturity is a process and it has different aspects. In Kundalini Yoga, we talk about how a human being matures through a very dependable set of cycles.

Every 18 years, the physical body goes through a process of maturity and change. We call this the Cycle of Life Energy. Every 11 years, the way you apply what you know to solving problems changes. The horizon of the intelligence expands. We call this the Cycle of Intelligence. And every 7 years, the fundamental sense of your identity evolves. It deepens, building on the wisdom of past experiences. We call this the Cycle of Consciousness.

These cycles are built into the structure of the human body. The yogis investigated and discovered these subtle but accurate cycles encoded in the brain and the glands. Understanding these cycles and how they impact your life is a powerful aspect of Kundalini Yoga. These teachings about the Lifecycles are part of Yogi Bhajan’s teachings on Humanology – the science of realizing the full potential of the human being.

The Kundalini Research Institute (KRI) offers a course on Lifecycles and Lifestyles through their Level 2 Kundalini Yoga Certification Program.

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