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SuperHealth in Russia & Ukraine

Fall Tour: September 28 – October 29, 2010

By Mukta Kaur Khalsa, Director


Yogi Bhajan visited Moscow in December 1990 and I had the privilege of accompanying him. In fact, I remember a very tender story I’d like to share with you today. It depicts the hospitality, generosity, and spirit of the people of the land.

One afternoon, our host had misplaced the key to the home where Yogiji was staying. So, there he was sitting on the steps outside in the cold, waiting patiently and calmly. It was quite cold; we couldn’t forget that it was December! Not knowing any Russian, we knocked on a stranger’s door and motioned if we could come in. Nyet! Oh dear, what to do?

We then went to another stranger’s door and asked if we could please come in. Not knowing a word of English, the woman swung open the door and motioned for all 12 of us to enter. Her husband, looking very surprised, rose from his seat and offered it to Yogi Bhajan.

The woman then proceeded to do something unthinkable. She went to the kitchen and brought us fresh bread, cheese, and butter. We had witnessed the long lines and what little food was available in the stores. She served us with utmost grace and deep devotion. Soon thereafter, our host returned with the key. Yogi Bhajan stood up, walked to the door, placed his palms together, and said to the couple, “God Bless you forever and always.”

On that same trip, I was reunited with Dr. Jacob Marshak, a Russian medical doctor who was hosted by SuperHealth in Tucson the previous year. He had particular interest in yoga as an addiction therapy. In Russia in 1990, yoga was hardly known or practiced. Yogi Bhajan told him to teach Kundalini Yoga and that it would soon flourish. He gave him the name Guru Jivan Singh.

Last month I returned to Russia to conduct SuperHealth trainings for breaking habits and addictive behavior, in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kiev, Ukraine. Guru Jivan Singh has continued to work in Moscow with addictions and yoga and we were reunited after 20 years.

On this trip, Amrit Dev Kaur from Brazil came to help teach and added a beautiful radiant grace. She is a Kundalini Yoga teacher and psychologist from Rio de Janiero.

Today, Kundalini Yoga is readily available in this area, and Karta Singh (France) has been dedicatedly conducting Teacher Trainings for many years. On this trip, I’ve seen so many beautiful people with shining faces; it’s like witnessing the living prophecy of Yogiji’s words as they come alive. People are gracious, generous, and sincerely dedicated to their practice. Stories of Yogi Bhajan are always a favorite as their hungry eyes devour the teachings.

Meher Singh is a teacher at Surya Ram Yoga Center, Moscow. He is on a TV show called “Life” where he teaches Kundalini Yoga. It airs several times a day throughout Russia – even people at the North Pole are practicing!

We visited staff at Life Line, a drug rehabilitation center that incorporates Kundalini Yoga as a core therapy. After participating in the training, they are eager to include therapeutic juice formulas for cleansing and rebuilding the system into the regimen for the treatment with clients.

Russian Yoga Federation in Moscow invited us to teach a class.

Dilraj Singh is a young Sikh man from Amritsar who works as a chef in a vegetarian restaurant in St. Petersburg. Introducing him to our host, Sada Anand Kaur, and the yoga community, he was invited to lead Japji Sahib on Guru Ram Das’s birthday. (Dilraj Singh, front right)

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Going to Kiev, Ukraine, was something I had not planned on, however it was just one of those invitations that was divinely planned. I got a map just to see where Kiev is! Half the time I was pronouncing it incorrectly. (By the way, it is pronounced “Keev.”) Yoga is bursting on the scene and our young, 24 year old Sat Sansar Kaur, is energetic and bright, capturing the hearts of so many curious and dedicated people. Some people came from Odessa and Mykolayiv on the Black Sea.

Today, I sit in utter humility and am grateful that I am a part of carrying these sacred teachings Unto Infinity.

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