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Keeping Up with Kundalini Yoga in the Information Age

By Panch Nishan Kaur, 3HO International Community Relations

In these times most anything you need is available at the click of a button. Our interconnections with each other are made transparent and we have the option to be plugged in all the time through Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and so many other social networking opportunities. We receive constant input on iphones, androids, blackberries, ipads, etc. This high level of interconnectivity has its benefits and challenges.

Recently, while practicing the Kriya to Stimulate Your Chakras, I had a lucid dream about a friend of mine from high school who I hadn’t talked to in thirteen years. The potency of the dream prompted me to see if I could find him on facebook. I sent him a message and he responded telling me the same day I had the dream he had driven by the house I grew up in and found himself all day wondering how I was. These intuitive connections happen all the time--we are all so interconnected in thought and through our sensory systems, and the advent of social networking makes it impossible to go without noticing this!

This age requires us to turn our inside out--to live with such integrity and authenticity that nothing can hide; where what we say and do matches the content of our

View of the French Alps from Level 2 course in Le Margeliere

heart and mind. In this environment, duplicity cannot hide (as we have seen with Wiki Leaks.)  While the Information Age calls us to rise in our caliber, brings convenience to our life, and is simply fun, the amount of input and connections to people and information can also be a strain on the nervous system. Recently I took the Stress and Vitality Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 2 course and decided to ‘unplug’ and shut my Blackberry off for a whole week! A whole week of no e-mails, instant messaging, text messaging, or facebooking! I am not saying we should do this all the time, but it is healthy to ‘un-plug’ once in a while, even if only for a day.

I found a meditation in the level 2 course that strengths the nervous system, stimulates the chakras, and energizes you to handle the pressures of the Information Age. I have been practicing it and find it to be a great tune up to the nervous system and this is allowing me to expand and be able to handle more. It balances the pituitary gland, stimulating an intuitive, creative flow through life which is the best mechanism to handle the pressure of the Information Age. Intuition is the antidote for getting caught up and stressed out by the myriads of options that present themselves when everything is available at your fingertips. Instead of using the mind to weigh pros and cons and try to figure things out, this meditation helps awaken that intuitive, automatic knowing.  It is a great intuition tune up and I highly recommend giving it a try!

What gratitude to Yogi Bhajan for offering timeless teachings that are literally carrying us into the Aquarian Age with intuitive ease.